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Welcome to “The Family from Vrensted”

Once again you have access to a new and improved web site. I hope you will enjoy reading stories about the family – and I would love to receive new stories and pictures, too.

 The family tree is working again and will be updated on a regular basis. Anybody is more than welcome to contribute information. New family members will be added to the family tree as new data becomes available. We would also love to receive pictures in order to do “portraits” in the family tree.

This site is not Facebook, but something a little more constant, a place where the family tree shows where we come from and shows our family’s background.

The articles on the web site tell the story of how things have changed throughout generations and I believe that these stories are important to our descendants. This is an opportunity to tell stories about childhood and upbringing to future generations.

On the web site we trace families that are all somehow rooted in Vrensted. We trace them at home as well as abroad.

Bertel Marinus Pedersen, my mom’s uncle, immigrated to the US with his family. We have a lot of contact with this family, The Pedersens, and we know a lot about their lives after they immigrated.

Another section of the family, my grandmother’s brothers, Alfred and Severin Soerensen, also immigrated to the US. The brothers’ lives can be followed in letters they sent back to the family. These letters are available on this web site.

On my mother’s side there is also the Filholm family. The name Filholm came to be because my mom’s uncle, Anders Poul Jensen (Andersen), after a year and a half in the US adopted the surname Filholm (a locale between Thise and Vrensted). His two sons, Tscherning and Mads Jorgen Andersen, both immigrated to the US under the name Andersen. Later on both adopted the surname Filholm. A large part of the Filholm families in both Denmark and the US can be traced back to them.

Welcome - and, in advance, thank you for all your information and stories that will help make this web site an informative and exciting read.

As seen, there is access to the old family tree 2013 and the new 2017. 
They have the same content, but the 2103 family tree will be phased out in the next 6 months.
The reason for this is lack of support for the updated technology of the provider.


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